• Dutch Studies on South Asia, Tibet and classical Southeast Asia

    An extensive bibliography for the region, including texts on Indology, sociology and anthropology.

  • The Atlas of Mutual Heritage

    A database with information, maps, drawings, prints and paintings of locations related to the Dutch East India Company and the Dutch West India Company.

  • TANAP (Towards a New Age of Partnership)

    The Dutch East India Company’s archives comprise many millions of pages of data on a broad range of African and Asian subjects. TANAP is a research project that seeks to facilitate an historical approach informed through the study of the VOC’s vast store of documents.

  • National Archives of the Netherlands

    The ‘national memory’ institution of the Netherlands holds 125 kilometres of documents, photos and maps both from the central government, as well as from organisations and persons of national importance (past and present).

  • DutchCulture Centre for International Cooperation

    DutchCulture is the strategic advice agency for international cultural cooperation, creating activities worldwide.

  • Netherlands India Association

    The association promotes friendly relations between the two countries through understanding and knowledge of each other’s culture.


  • Holland Trade and Invest

    A Government of the Netherlands portal that informs and advises on how to collaborate with Dutch expertise in business and technology to create smart solutions for global challenges related to water, food, energy, health and security.

  • Holland High Tech

    The access point to wide-ranging information on the Dutch high-tech electronics sector, with the aim to educate on possibilities of pragmatic total solution to global technological challenges.